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Whether it's a small custom ee add-on, an online commerce site for your 100,000 SKU brick and mortar store, or a flashy page for the next big deal on the internet I can help make it real. With a decade of experience as a professional designer and web developer, PUNCHCARD is ready to take your ideas and turn them into clean device agnostic websites and applications.

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I am a freelance web developer with 10+ years of design and development experience in web and application development. I am a big fan of ExpressionEngine, but I also work with Magento, Wordpress, Squarespace, BigCart and many other eCommerce and Content Management Systems. I specialize in PHP/MySQL development, but I can do a number of things for your site including; basic design, frontend development (html, css, javascript, jquery, etc.) and backend development, custom applications and APIs,system administration, website maintenance and hosting. When I'm not sitting in front of code, I try to stay active in the local music scene and enjoy the many natural wonders (and unnatural spectacles) that the northwest has to offer. I love modded Minecraft, and the writings of Frank Herbert (r.i.p.). Steve Buscemi is my spirit animal.


You can also find me on Sortfolio and Director-EE. You can follow my totally work safe musings on twitter at @punchcardpdx or my probably angry 4AM cuss-laden tweets at @pdxevan

Prior Works:

Below I have listed several recent projects that I was the primary developer for.


Portland based Ducati dealership, an ExpressionEngine powered showroom and blogging engine for this award winning local dealership.


A Magento (of all things) based online video rental site catering to those interested in learning how to bellydance. Frontend development and significant backend modifications to Magento Community Edition.


UK Based custom voice work business, ExpressionEngine, Custom ecommerce frontend and backend processing. HTML/CSS and JS frontend development. Custom plugins for customizable pricing and one-off ordering of voiced scripts.


ECONorthwest is an ecological consulting agency, site built on ExpressionEngine, backend development + HTML/CSS and JS frontend development.


Portland's best kept secret, Live music and recording venue and publishing label. Design and Developed entirely from scratch, running on EE.


Agricultural / Home gardening supply and information resource for blueberries. ExpressionEngine based, frontend development and backend setup and development.


Website for web marketing contracting agency, built on ExpressionEngine, backend setup and customization, frontend js interaction and design to html/css. Custom EE and serverside PHP script and plugins for CRM and analytics.